The King of Towers Hack

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The King of Towers Hack

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The King of Towers Hack Cheat Trainer Tools

The King of Towers Hack Cheat Trainer Tools

How To Use The King of Towers Hack

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About game(from official site):

Defend the Kingdom of Azylon against the bitter hatred of the orcs with unique towers and powerful heroes.
Q: How many tower types are there? How do they differ?
A: There are 4 types of towers. Barracks: send out soldiers to hinder and attack enemies. Arrow: High attack speed on single targets. Cannon: does area damage. Mage: High damage to single targets.

Q: What is Energy and how do I get it?
A: Energy is consumed when battling on levels and collecting level taxes. Every 4 minutes you will recover 1 energy, with a max of 120. Energy can be earned from rewards, task rewards or bought in the shop or received from friends.

Q: What are Diamonds and how do I get them?
A: Diamonds are the premium currency of the King of Towers. They can be earned from game play or purchased with money.

Q: What is Honor and how do I earn it?
A: Honor is a resource used to upgrade towers, magic skills and heroes. Honor is earned the first time you defeat a world level, the first time you defeat a level in Blitz Acres and from task rewards. Honor can also be earned in PVP, when it is launched,.

Q: What are Stars? How do I get more?
A: Stars are earned by defeating world levels. The more enemies defeated, the higher your star level.

Q: What is Gold and how do I earn it?
A: Gold is the basic currency of the King of Towers. Earn gold by defeating levels, collecting taxes, collecting supplies from the Supply Station and finishing tasks.

Q: Can items be sold?
A: Only some items can be sold others are permanently yours.

Q: How do I collect level taxes?
A: You must defeat a level before being able to collect a level tax.

Q: What is the Fairy Alliance?
A: The fairies of the world have allied themselves with you against the orcs. They can provide you a myriad of buffs for a small price.

Q: How many difficulty modes are there and how do I choose what difficulty I want to battle a level on?
A: There are 3 difficulty modes: Easy, Heroic and Hard. Enter the battle map and select the level flag of corresponding difficulty to enter battle.

Q: What are heroes? Can they be leveled? How do I level a hero?
A: Heroes are player controlled units on the battlefield. Heroes can be leveled by gaining experience in battle or by additional training at the Training Grounds.

Q: How many heroes can I have?
A: You can have 4 max heroes and choose 3 max heroes to bring to battle.

Q: When I become friends with someone, how long does it take for them to show on my friends list?
A: Once a friend installs and enters the game, your friend should show immediately.

Q: What if my friend doesn’t show on my bar?
A: A game refresh maybe required.

Q: What are pockets?
A: Pockets are a temporary storage area. When your inventory slots are full, items you acquire will be stored in your pockets for a certain amount of time. Use them or clear space in your inventory before the pocket items are lost.

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