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My Ninja Hack:

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my ninja hack cheat trainer tool

My Ninja Hack

About game:

Create, customize, and train your ultimate ninja! Unlock secret ninja arts and unite with your closest friends to take on dangerous missions!
My Ninja Heroes:
Name: Hudson
Age: 26
Affinity: Lightning
Bio: Guardian, Referee, MC, Hudson is the powerhouse that keeps the PVP Arena open. Not much is known about this man for his past is as mysterious as his face. But one thing is for sure, you don’t want to get on his bad side or you might find yourself at the other end of his sword!

Name: Simon
Age: 30
Affinity: Lightning
Bio: Simon is known as one of the strongest men in the village. He is a large man that towers over everyone on the streets and is familiar with all
of “today’s lingo”. Simon runs the ramen shop and practically everyone knows or has heard about Simon due to his distinct features. On his spare
time, Simon enjoys fishing and making sick beats to rap to!

Name: Flora
Age: 23
Affinity: Earth
Bio: Flora is the clerk at the office where she assigns mini-missions to players. She is smart and also enjoys helping out at the library. She is capable of many skills. However, her weak body does not allow her to cast continuously or fight in battle. She has a pet cat that often gets lost.

Name: Joy
Age: 18
Affinity: Water
Bio: Nurse Joy is the nurse at the Ninja Hospital. She is a hi-tech medical ninja that provides her services for a fee. At the young age of 18, this girl is obviously gifted and smart and she knows it! She has a cocky attitude, but she rarely breaks away from her “sweet side” in front of paying customers.

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