Metin2 Trade Hack

I don’t know anybody who plays in Metin2 and don’t know this bot. This cheat is a legend. With this hack you can steal someone a items. This is simple! You run our hack, trade with someone, and when he show items, you press trade and get this!


– trade hack
– simple to use
– work on all servers
– daily updates
– antiban protection

Metin2 Trade Hack:

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File size: 3.91 MB
Virus scan: Clear!
Status: Working!

metin trade hack

About game:

Metin2. If you’re here you probably know what it is and how Metin2 in the game. So forgive yourself reading this review because it is a review for beginners. I recommend using our bot, Metin2 Trade Hack. The game itself is another production of the MMORPG series. The game is completely free, no need to pay a subscription fee and no extra cost. Was issued by G4Box. The game basically no different from other games in the genre. There are a struggle, which is very arcade and well polished. The game is set in eastern fantasy reality. We can see some oriental mistyczm. The world is full of magic. Land under the influence of meteor shower destroyed. Therefore, the land yielded the stones TKZ. metiny. These stones sharply complicated the lives of the residents. Chaos on the ground. People began to poison and stones produce dangerous creatures. Who will save the land that? At the beginning, of course, choose the look and the sex of our hero. In the game we have to choose 4 classes. Warrior, which silnu warrior fighting in very compact. There are two roads. Either as a defender or as an attacker. Another class is the assassin. It is a very fast killer out of hiding. Can fight in close or at a distance. The next class is sura. Who can fight magically or even using his infernal hand. The last is a Mage. It is a simple wizard that can heal or destroy, depending on the path you choose. Each of the eight profession has a completely different style and different abilities. Specialized form of early, on the fifth level. Our hero has parameters, streng, intelligence, stamina, and agility. Promotion to the next level give us points, which improves specific parameters. The game is largely based on killing monsters. These monsters kill with an attack that is very interesting and combined in a combo. Monsters are a number of groups. The money falls monsters and items. With time, we create better and better equipment and sticks ever higher level. Everything we do to beat other nations.In the game, we can use many useful NPC. For example, a blacksmith. In which we can greatly improve our items. Unfortunately, sometimes it can burn them. In the game takes time, and could do with a few friends. In the game, you can get married and hunt with a partner. The game is for one lvl boring, but then kind of cool to grow. Most MMOs a plus. With our Metin2 Trade Hack, is even more interesting!

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