Aion Gold Hack

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About game:

Aion. The game developed by NCsoft studio. Brings us to the wonderful world of Arteia. In the game you can play as a winged hero who fights the bad or good side. The game is just starting on the choice of faction. We can choose between the forces of good, or the angels. In the game, they are called „Elyos”. Second, the bad side, the forces of darkness are essential requirements of demons. Called „Asmodianami”. Once you choose which side we want to be, we must then decide which class we have to play. We can choose four classes. Warrior, Mage, Priest, and the priest. The experience is very extensive. Each of these classes has the skills and skill tree, which, together with the experience gained and progress through the game, we can develop. In addition, we can also develop additional specializations. Mag – may take a sorcery or summoning creatures, the so-called nekromani.KapÅ‚an – can summon a medic or a bard. Warrior specializes in the keel features, is todefensywy Templar and Gladiator, scout or hunter killer again. The game can also take care of the work such as gathering – minerals, skins, plants, needed items. We can deal with the blacksmith, the performance of items from iron and metal. Alchemy, or creating different magical drinks. Enchantment items, and so we can improve the statistics of our items. Cooking for more and better food preparation to increase our strength and exhaustion. And tailoring serving light sewing items. World in Aion, is huge. There is no empty site, everywhere we spodkać mass of enemies and bosses here and there. Discovering the location depends on your level of experience and seniority. The higher the level, the further we can grow, and the more fights stoczymy, with more and more powerful monsters. The game is also developed PVP combat. It takes place in the middle of the border part of the world called Abbys. In addition, players will find there also the essence from which we can take quests. The whole framed by beautiful music and great graphics. In the game you can not get bored. You do not have to deal with farm-only, you can relax by the professions. Gatheringu crafting system and is very powerful, as did the entire game system. The game intrigued me from the beginning. I spent a lot of time with her and I think that has a lot of time is spent. Each level is increasingly more interesting and demanding sacrifice. I am very happy that I found this game. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for fun games. And get Aion Gold Hack!

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